Decent housing for the poor of Gaza

Humanitarian response
Humanitarian sustainability
  • Micro Enterprises - Makers of life
  • Micro Enterprises - Professional Hands
  • Small projects for graduates
  • Telework for graduates
  • Project of acres fruitful
  • Cooperative projects
  • Middle projects
  • Restoration of houses of the poor
  • Furnishing and equipping of houses of the poor
  • Safe lighting to the houses of the poor
  • Solar water heaters to the houses of the poor
  • Rehabilitation and married spinsters, widows and divorcees
  • Collective wedding
  • Ensure the child in need
  • Educational school for orphans and talented
  • Helping Debtors
  • Healing fund for poor patients
  • Provide eyeglasses to children who have poor visual acuity
  • Provide utilities for the disabled
  • Providing hospitals and clinics with medicines and medical supplies
  • Providing hospitals and clinics with medical devices
  • Support a university student (fees, transportation, books and stationery)
  • Pay graduate certificates costs
  • School Bags
  • Summer camps for talented
  • Direct the scientific researches toward national development priorities
  • Establishing kindergartens
  • Emergency Rapid Intervention Fund
  • Building a National strategy to deal with disasters and crises
  • Emergency warehouses
  • Setting up desalination plants and pumping stations
  • Solar (health centers and schools)
  • Eid-ul-Adha Qurbani
  • Aid and cloak winter
  • Ramadan Iftar
  • Eid clothes
  • Ramadan Food Parcel
  • National participatory development plan
  • Unified electronic account of associations
  • The national program for performance indicators of the associations
  • The financial independence of the associations
  • National Institute for training
  • Exchange experiences with abroad
  • Bag evidence of the work of computerized charities