Your Relief is their Beat Campaign

Campaign Status

25 %
Aim: 20000 Collected: 5000

In the wake of the deteriorating situation and the escalation of events in conflict areas, and due to the increasing number of casualties and injuries resulting from the imposed blockade, the severe shortage of medicines, fuel, food, and water in Palestine, Gazze Destek Organization has declared a state of emergency to launch the " Your Relief is their Beat " campaign. This campaign aims to provide urgent relief and meet the basic needs of the affected individuals through its teams deployed throughout the region.


Campaign Objective:
The " Your Relief is their Beat " campaign includes assistance for displaced individuals, the injured, and hospitals to alleviate the suffering of those affected in conflict areas. This assistance includes food parcels, rent support, cash aid for the affected, medicines, medical supplies, cash assistance, and fuel for hospitals.


Campaign Projects:
Your donation, no matter how small, makes a significant impact.

For Displaced Individuals:

  • Food parcel: $30
  • Hygiene kit: $30
  • Monthly rent support: $200

For the Injured:

  • Shelter kit: $17
  • Medication: $30
  • Medical aid tool: $100
  • Cash assistance: $500

For Hospitals:

  • Medicines and medical supplies: $32,757
  • Fuel for medical units: $2,000








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