07 April

We Responded to the Call of the Poor Family for Help

The Gazze Destek Association was applied to the sponsoring Turkish Red Crescent to restore the home of a citizen (A.A.) who lives in a house that is not suitable for living in Gaza. Because another simple, 5-year-old was simply transmitted, 11 people in this house complained of high blood pressure headaches, as did the family head. Again, a child in the family is constantly experiencing breathing difficulties.

The Gazze Destek Association and the Turkish Red Crescent responded to the family's call for help by completely restoring and repairing the infrastructure. Project fee (10400 $). This work has been carried out by the Gaza Support Association for the last 14 years in the siege to help poor families in Gaza Convenient Housing Project.

The Gaza Strip has been under Israeli siege for 14 years. As a result, the poverty rate has increased to 54% and 86% of the families live on the aid from outside.


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