10 December

Accomplishments of Eid Al-Adha Campaign 2021

Accomplishments of Eid Al-Adha Campaign 2021




During the blessed days of Eid-Adha, and as the fourth day of Eid ended, Gazze Destek Association finished implementing all Adha 2021 projects, slaughtering and distributing (723) Qurban animals (59 Calf - 281 Sheep). This project benefited 8155 poor and needy families in the Gaza Strip.

Eid Al-Adha Campaign also contained 73 social projects which consist of (Qurban distribution- food parcels- Arafat Iftar meals- Eid clothing for children- sponsoring poor families- Eid gifts and candies). In addition to several other projects that vary between (furnishing and equipping a house- the restoration of damaged houses- Well and desalination plant) The number of total beneficiaries 154,079 of poor and needy families in the Gaza Strip. These projects had been generously funded by (27 donor institutions – 116 individual donors) from 11 countries around the world.

Gazze Destek Association is preparing for its annual conference to launch the Humanitarian Situation Report in the Gaza Strip-2021, which will be held at the beginning of September 2021.


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