07 January

Gazze Destek Association held a workshop to identify the needs of the mother and child

Gazze Destek Association held a workshop under the title “The Needs of Mother and Child... Opportunities and Challenges in the Light of Disasters and Crises" on Saturday, 11 December, in participation with several NGOs, civil society representatives, and stakeholders. Aiming to increase the public interest and sustainability of the projects and programs related to women and child’s needs in the Gaza Strip in 2022. In coordination with stakeholders, GDD identified the most significant needs and priorities for intervention in economic empowerment programs, development projects for women, and business sustainability in light of turbulent environments.

The participants in the workshop have vividly shared realistic field studies on the needs of the mother and child in light of the current challenges. The workshop also highlighted several pioneering initiatives and success stories in qualifying and empowering women.

The workshop concluded by highlighting the importance of building women’s capacities, whether in small projects or employment programs. In addition to the development of relevant regulations and legislation. Finally, emphasizing the importance of strengthening coordination, networking, and mobilization with civil society institutions and donors to fund and implement microfinance projects, entrepreneurship, remote work, professional and cooperative projects. Which will strongly empower women to participate actively in such programs.


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