07 January

Harvest of Goodness for the Year 2021


📊 Harvest of Goodness for the Year 2021 📊

🪢Together, we faced multiple crises: the blockage, the aggression, and the corona pandemic. However, with your continuous backup and support 🙂 , you were able to convey the smile to the people of the Gaza Strip despite the aggression and the corona pandemic.

◼️ Projects implemented: 973

◼️ Total number of donors: 1178

◼️ Country donors: 22

◼️ Total number of beneficiaries: 1,057,875

👉We thank you for your generosity and effort that crowned this great achievement as it has brought joy to the hearts of the needy and has put a smile on the faces of their children.

📊 You can rate our activities through the survey at the following link

# Thank you 🌹🌹


❤️ Reviving Palestine Together ❤️


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