Press Statement on the launch of the annual report on the reality of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip
09 September

Press Statement on the launch of the annual report on the reality of the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip

Press Release

Istanbul, Turkey - 6 September 2022


We all heard about the latest aggression on Gaza a few weeks ago, which claimed 47 martyrs and 360 wounded. This aggression is not the first. It is a series of attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation during 16 years of the continuous siege on the Gaza Strip, in which the humanitarian situation is exacerbated, it is indeed tragic. We have previously warned of the seriousness of the living situation in the Gaza Strip, which international organizations and humanitarian institutions talked about the impossibility of living in it, which the United Nations also warned that the Gaza Strip is not viable after the year 2020. This is what summoned us at GDD with our humanitarian partners around the world, to hold this annual press conference for the launch of our annual report on the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip, which covers the achievements of all charitable institutions and the most prominent humanitarian needs. During 16 years of siege, the report reveals record numbers that are considered among the worst in the world across key thematic areas, including:

  • The World Bank has classified the economy of the Gaza Strip as the worst economy in the world over the past two decades, contributing to the rise in unemployment rates to a highest global rate at 46.6%.
  • The percentage of families needing assistance reached the highest levels, at 80%, with public employees receiving only 40-50% of their salaries.
  • The level of water pollution reached more than 97%, and the pollution of sea water off the shores of Gaza was 74%.
  • The average power outage reached 11 hours a day, causing the death of 40 people, including 31 children, due to the use of candles and unsafe lighting since 2010.
  • The health crisis worsened during the year 2021, when the rate of drug interruption reached 50%, with 300 medical devices out of order. In addition to the financial deficit in laboratory materials by 52%.
  • The strip also experienced a devastating aggression for 11 days, leaving 259 martyrs and 2,211 wounded, damages and losses were estimated at about $479 million, during which 2,200 housing units were completely destroyed and 15,000 housing units were partially destroyed, in addition to 2012 industrial and commercial facilities.

In light of the continuation of this worsening humanitarian situation before the eyes and ears of the world, the human conscience requires all of us to take several urgent steps, the most important of which are the following:

  • We call on the United Nations to exercise its role in taking measures to end the siege and the suffering of the population in the Gaza Strip, to start the reconstruction process, and to activate the role of international institutions to exercise their required role in this field.
  • We call on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the League of Arab States to lead an international initiative to end the siege on the Gaza Strip, speed up the reconstruction process, and resume the operation of aid ships and convoys to the Gaza Strip.
  • We call on donor institutions to intensify their urgent support for humanitarian projects in the Gaza Strip, especially the reconstruction of what was destroyed in the recent aggression, and to provide enabling projects for poor families, in terms of repairing homes, treating patients, supporting students, and rehabilitating and employing young people.

Last but not least, we extend our thanks and appreciation to all the institutions that have contributed to alleviating the human suffering of the Palestinian people, especially in the Gaza Strip, and which have already contributed to improving the living conditions of large groups of Palestinians.

In conclusion, the launch of this report is an impetus for coordination and cooperation to make this year the year of “hope and empowerment” for the people of besieged Gaza, a hand in hand for cooperation and solidarity in order to intervene to end the suffering of two million people in the besieged Gaza Strip.


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