After successfully achieving our goals in alleviating Palestinian people’s suffering. We announce the launch of our new visual identity. An identity with a global vision to share our experience with all affected areas around the world. We set out today, to create a new model for modern humanitarian and charitable work. We aim to go beyond the traditional equation of giving and taking, and to start a new journey in empowerment and sustainable development. To bring human dignity and happiness into the heart of all people.

(GDD) today, is moving to international humanitarian institutional work, based on global sustainable development goals and standards of integrity and transparency to contribute effectively to meeting humanitarian needs


Gazze Destek Association GDD is a Turkish association established after the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 in Istanbul- Turkey. GDD seeks to contribute effectively to meet the humanitarian and developmental needs of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Our work expands to include all conflict areas around the world. Based on scientific ways of coordinated, participatory humanitarian intervention, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and standards of integrity and transparency, humanitarian principles and relevant local and international laws.


Gazze Destek Association GDD is a leading humanitarian organization working to improve the quality of human life in the Gaza Strip.

Goals and Values

Our Goals
  • Contributing to achieving global sustainable development goals.
  • Effectively contributing to the provision of humanitarian and development needs of the Gaza Strip.
  • Contributing to the support of human rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups and in the conflict areas.
  • Contributing to the coordination and integration of the humanitarian and developmental efforts in the Gaza Strip.
  • Participatory development of the performance of the humanitarian institutions in the Gaza Strip for maximizing the impact of funding.
Our Values
  • Empowering: Promoting human empowerment by fostering self-reliance.
  • Justice: Adoption of fair standards in humanitarian assistance, regardless of color, race, belief or affiliation.
  • Collaboration: Joint work promotes coordination and integration between the parties and maximizes the usage of resources.
  • Professionalism: Adoption of professional and innovation as the basis for all our projects to maximize the impact of our services on the community.

Implementing 2,081 projects partnering with 84 associations in the Gaza Strip to serve (3,581,588) beneficiaries.

Receiving from 174 donor institutions from various 33 countries around the world.

Being the first association to record the highest tender number in newspapers for its projects during 2018, 2019, 2020in the Gaza Strip.

Holding two conferences to support the urgent projects in Gaza Strip.

Conducting humanitarian campaign with international partnerships such: Gaza the Pules Won’t Stop, and Gaza Under Two Sieges

Publishing the annual report of the Humanitarian Situation in the Gaza Strip (reality, achievements, needs) in various 11 languages (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019,2020 ) In addition to the Monthly humanitarian briefing.

GRI standartları ve SDGs hedefleri doğrultusunda çalışma ve faaliyetlerin sürdürülebilirliği hakkında yıllık değerlendirme raporu yayınlandı (2017, 2018, 2019 ve 2020 ).

Publishing an annual report on the Social Impact of the association’s programs and projects on the beneficiaries in accordance SROI approach. (2019)

Preparing a humanitarian intervention plan for the Gaza Strip in accordance with international humanitarian standards for the period (2017-2019), and a second for the period (2020-2022).

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